Exercises To Strengthen Your Joints

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of strong bones to prevent breaks and fractures. But what about strong joints to help prevent joint injuries and decrease joint pain?

Joint pain may be caused by different things such as a direct injury to a joint. Joint pain is also often caused by arthritis. While exercise is important for everyone, it’s particularly important for anyone who has arthritis.

Exercises to strengthen the body’s joints work by building the muscles around the joints for greater joint stability. Joint strengthening exercises also keep tendons and ligaments flexible, reducing the risk of a strain or sprain and keeping a joint’s range of motion at its best.

If you have joint pain due to arthritis or an injury, there are a number of simple exercises that can be done to help strengthen your joints. Ask your healthcare  professional to recommend an appropriate routine for you.

Exercises include aerobic exercise such as:

You may also benefit from exercises that target and strengthen specific joints. Knee injuries and knee pain, for example, are common. Exercises that strengthen the muscles that support the knees can help prevent knee injuries and pain. Try strengthening exercises that work the quadriceps muscle – the big muscle on the front of the thigh. In addition, strength exercises that target the muscles of the hips and the calf muscles can help prevent hip and ankle injuries.

In contrast, anyone with joint pain should use caution when participating in exercises that are high impact, and may therefore worsen joint pain and inflammation. These exercises include:

Always use caution when exercising, and stop if you have pain. In addition, if you are experiencing joint pain, ask your doctor or physio therapist which exercises are the most appropriate for you.