Fever in Children: When To Call A Doctor

Fever in children and infants can be worrisome for parents. Even if it’s only a slight fever from a cold or other minor illness, you just want it to go away so your child will feel better. If it’s a moderate or high fever, you will probably wonder when or if you should call the doctor.

You know your child better than anyone, so if you think he or she needs medical care for a fever, call your child’s pediatrician or other healthcare professional.

There are also some warning signs to watch for in children and infants with fever. Some signs that indicate you should seek medical attention immediately include if:

If the doctor determines that a virus is causing your child’s fever, there is often no better treatment than time, rest, and fluids – unless the symptoms are severe. The doctor may also prescribe fever-reducing medications. These medications can help to make your child more comfortable.

Treating fever at home

Children who do not exhibit any warning signs can be treated at home for their fever.

At-home treatment may include using over-the-counter fever-reducing medications to lower a fever. Always follow all dosage instructions carefully, and talk to your pharmacist or child’s doctor before giving medicine.

You can also make your child or infant more comfortable by:

So while fever in children can be worrisome for parents, it usually is not serious and little ones – and you – will feel better in a few days. If you are concerned, call your healthcare professional for advice and treatment.